Tuesday, July 15, 2008

StolenFox AxleBacks

Through a stroke of luck I found someone all the way back east wanting to sell his Stolen Fox Axle-Backs (which are based on MagnaFlows). Didn't have the dual tips like stock which I preferred, but the oval isn't bad and has grown on me already. We agreed on a price and the long wait started for them to get here (took about a week). From what I heard the install was simply 2 bolts per each side so that's something anyone can do in like 10 minutes. Why Axle-Backs and not a Cat-Back? Well really i'm planning on full long-tube headers down the line that go all the way to the rear axle so that'd be a waste imo.

I was at work and had received the Axle-Backs when I decided : what the hell, let's slap'm on right now!. I didn't have a jack (no spare tire with the G8 GT!) or any ramps, but there was a concrete ramp to the backdoor of the office.. so what's one to do but to simply back one side of the car on there and voila! instant workspace ;) Of course as i'm laying under the car I see a pair of familiar shoes all of a sudden show up.. the boss.. OOPS.. oh well after some sarcastic comments he was on his way, and I kept on working. I DO have a break ya know...

pic1. New AxleBacks; pic2. New ones up front, Stock ones in the back. QUITE a difference.

It really was as simple as people had mentioned, within minutes the original axle-backs came off, and the new ones were in place.Hard part was getting them in & out of the rubber hangers and trying to align them so they'd look alright, but luckily my buddy Neil was there to help. As soon as I started up the car we both were grinning ear to ear. NOW we're talking about muscle-car rumble!!! It really brought out the H-Pipe install from earlier with that sweet V8 sound.

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