Tuesday, July 1, 2008

StolenFox H-Pipe Installed

So I managed to get my hands on one of the very last "StolenFox" H-Pipes.
"StolenFox" aka Ryan has been making aftermarket H-Pipe & AxleBacks for the G8 and I believe also for GTO's. He unfortunately stopped making them because of all the free-time it took up so when he said he just a handful left I jumped on it.

From what he told me X-pipes build more high rpm horsepower while H-pipes build more low end torque. Both are far superior to a true dual exhaust with no crossover. Unless its a racecar, this is a mod for sound quality. H-pipes produce a deep rumble while X-pipes make a slightly higher pitched scream.

I took it to Walt's of all places to install. It took them about an hour or so to cut out the mid-car muffler and weld the h-pipe in it's place.

As far as the sound goes it has just a HINT more of rumble. These stock mufflers are WAY restrictive so next i'm going to try to get some Axle-Backs from StolenFox if I can find anyone who's willing to sell theirs.

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