Thursday, July 31, 2008

Tint Thursday!

Well today was the day that I got some tint installed. Deciding on a tint was a bit of a headache since the 35% legal limit was really light. Other choices would be 20%, 15% or 5% (Limo). Someone suggested that as long as you had 35% on the front side windows that then the rest could be whatever and that 'they' (police) didn't really care. While this may be the case I really can't stand the look of 2 different tints on a car. So it had be to 20, 15 or 5 all around.

5% while looking awesome to me is also an open invitation to any police in the immediate area that screams: Hey check me out! and I'm really not looking for any of that attention. Stealth is the word. So it was down to 20 & 15%. Did a lot or searching online to see samples and it was very hard to pick. In the end I settled on 20% with the main reason being that most people said the difference between 20 & 15% is minuscule yet it's still closer to 'legal' which could be helpful if it ever came to that. Also some people said backing up at night with a 15% or less gets pretty challenging.

Dropped off the car first thing in the morning and about 3 & half hours later I received the call that my car was done. I had my buddy Neil pick me up & drop me back off there since we were getting tinted back to back - read all about his experience here. Driving back we both noticed a HUGE difference already with how much cooler the car felt and how much more relaxing it felt inside the car with the tint with a lot less glare coming in. Looking at the car it definitely looks sharper and unless we imagined it , it definitely turned a lot more heads tinted. You can still see through the car from the oustside if the sun hits it right which is 'ok' but i'm now second guessing myself on the 20% and wondering if the 15% would've looked even better. Oh well... really the 20% looks amazing and i'm sure i'll get tons of enjoyment out of it.

Now i'm actually considering blacking the car out with tinted tail lights etc, but that's for another blog.



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  1. That is one of the greatest things ever and that is one of the most incredible feelings on Earth.