Friday, August 1, 2008

Intake Cover Removal

I've had this mod for about a week now , but just hadn't gotten around to writing up on it.

Stock the G8 GT comes with a BIG fancy looking piece of plastic molding on top of it's engine. It seems to be a trend nowadays to just slap that onto any car to make the engine look more neat & organized than it really is. As mentioned in a previous post Heat is not your friend when it comes to your car so anything that helps it cool off faster helps. This thing got HOT and stayed hot for HOURS after driving. So why not get rid of it?

Here's the cover in question:

Like a lot of people first I simply took this cover off to expose the engine to let it cool off quicker. Then it turns out that on top of the engine sat ANOTHER cover with foam wedged between it for what most likely was sound suppression. What the???? I didn't notice it untill someone pointed it out since the cover was molded to look just like the intake manifold.

Here are some pictures of it off - notice how it looks just like the intake:

Here it is totally off the car with the foam insert besides it.

Finally the finished look:

As you can tell from the 1st picture there was 1 stubborn black hose on the drivers side laying on top of everything but that is now tucked underneath the fuel lines for a neat and tidy look.

Credit goes to Charlie (aka. GRRR8 on for this mod who has several to his name! I'll write up on his others as soon as I implement them. Now the only annoying thing is the heater hoses just laying on top of the engine, but Charlie is already working on a solution for that as well.

Here are the instructions , edited by me to reflect how I did it.

This will take about 30 minutes max.

1. Looses the manifold bolts, start with the outer and work your way to the center. (8mm socket)

2. Only remove the 2 bolts in the back on each side (4 total) and the black brackets they go through.

3. Take of the 4 10mm studs that hold the fuel rail (10mm deep socket).

4. Follow the black tube that runs on top of the engine to where it connects behind the engine
by the drivers rear valve cover. Disconnect it there by simply pulling it off it's connector.

5. The injector harness has push-ins that hook it to the fuel rail. Pull these out. There is no need to unplug any electrical connections.

6. Now you need to pull out the Fuel rails + Injector slightly. If needed you can use a long screwdriver to carefully and lightly pry up at the base of the front injectors on both side and then the rear. Mine came right out with just a little wiggling upwards on the fuel rail.

7. Lift the fuel rail & injectors up enough so that you can slide the cover out front.

8. Once the cover is out route the tube you disconnected at step 4 underneath the fuel rail and reconnect.

9. Carefully line up the injectors with their respective holes and push down on the fuel rail to reinstall them.

10. Torque all bolts from step 1 to 44in lb from center out and repeat for the studs from the 2nd step at 89in lb.

(I unfortunately never got around to step 10 since I didn't have a torque wrench.. oops.. but as soon as i do i'll torque them correctly)

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