Sunday, October 12, 2008

Adventures in Tinting - Part III ; Headlights

A while ago I tried tinting my taillights with some film material. I really didn't like how it turned out , but when I applied some of it to my headlight I actually sorta liked the look of it! The only downside was that you could barely see anything at night and just from a 'looks' perspective I actually would've preferred them even darker.

One night I was browsing the Australian Holden site (as you may know the Pontiac G8 is based of a Holden Commodore) and I noticed under the accessories page that they had a headlight protector kit. Instantly a light bulb in my head turned on. If I could tint these covers I could have my lights basically pitch black, and take them off for driving in dark conditions. I contacted Paul (HSV-GTS-300 over on and he hooked me up with a set.

It's a nice quality kit &Installation is a snap. 2 plastic tabs on the bottom and 1 metal hook on top. They go on or off the car in literally 10 seconds. They also have a black Holden logo on them.

I didn't take any pictures of the tinting process since it's much the same as the tail-lights that I did, if not even simpler. Though I have come to the conclusion i'm definitely cursed when it comes to any painting project. I lightly sanded the INSIDE of the covers with 1000 grid, put painters tape on the front to prevent any overspray, whipped out my can of Niteshades and within 2 seconds of starting to use it, it sputtered a few times , spraying erratically and then died on me... Greeaaaat... luckily I had some RC249 'R/C Car window tint' as backup , though that stuff is even runnier than NiteShades!. I just built up the layers till it looked dark enough and let it dry over night.

When not in use I simply stick the covers in the net in the trunk. Fits just great!
Here's the results

Like I mentioned the light output is totally sub-par at this point, but with it being covers you can just pop them off.

Headlights on:

High-Beams on:

Blinkers on - actually looks pretty acceptable for day-driving

Next to some 08's the dealership still has in stock - Makes a nice comparison between the lights

Some more generic shots


  1. Absolutely beautiful! Hope you don't mind, but I'm well on my way to stealing your idea. If your willing to share some info I'd like to know what you done about the rubber bumpers on the covers. Did you spray right over them?

  2. Yup - Just sprayed all over the backside in a few layers and that was all