Thursday, January 22, 2009

Vector Motorsports Tune - Part II

When I first learned about 'tuning' I figured you had to have your car on a dyno. So when I first heard about Vector last year and their 'remote tuning' by sending you cables & software
I was a little unsure if they could really do a good job. However, concerns about how well they could tune remotely simply vanished when real-life numbers started appearing comparing dyno-tuned cars by others with Vector's numbers. Having a Vector Tune on my car now since August, and now freshly returned I've come to really appreciate Vector Motorsports a LOT for what they offer.

Yes "Technically" on the dyno you can tune much more precisely , but most places have no experience with G8s so they don't quite know what they're doing, Don't have experience with changing the Transmisison Settings on the 6L80 and basically tune for a high 'peak' horsepower number at WOT (Wide Open Throttle) with no regards to behavior during normal driving.

Vector on the other hand has tuned dozens of G8s already in all kinds of different configurations so they can provide base-maps for different Mod-Configurations (CAI, Exhaust etc) based on your specifications that will perform just great out of the box. Vector will even make themselves available if you want so you can be strapped on a dyno somewhere and they'll tune remotely while you're still strapped down so you can give real-time feedback. How's that for service?!

I initially got my tune a while ago which was a basic tune for just my intake. If you're interested in the process & results read my old post where I describe how their system works. This time it was time for a retune because of my new Torque Converter and exhaust upgrade to American Racing Headers. As I was close to Brandon/BobTheMonkee who was just getting his VMS cables around the time I was getting my headers installed he was kind enough to let me use them after him instead of me having to wait for them to be mailed out again.

Before the tune I noticed that the computer would be 'hunting' for the lockup point at times in the 'stock' converter with the rpms going up & down a range (usually around 1500). I mentioned this to Kirk and this was easily taken care off by simply giving him the specs on the new torque converter. I also told him I had the 1-7/8" American Racing headers so that the rear O2 sensors could be turned off (They will throw codes most likely otherwise because the High-Flow Cats take longer to heat up than the stock ones) and I wanted to change up the Torque Management a bit.

My old VMS Tune had 50% Torque Management in place so it's easier on the transmission etc when shifting. People have been playing with these numbers and reporting great results turning them way down (or completely off) so I decided to give this a try as well. I went with 40% in Drive (Normal driving a little better, but still very comfortable ) 20% in Sport (you really feel it shift and pushing you back in the seat) and 5% in Manual (Didn't want to go 0% but you definitely feel it!). I could probably go 10-0% all around if I get a retune though.

So how does the car run afterwards?

Well let's just say I accelerated so hard at one point that my radio front fascia actually came off....
You read that right! It...came... off... Now i do have to admit I accidentally broke ALL the clips that hold it in place so it just hangs by the connectors, but even so I find that pretty damn impressive! Taking off from a dead stop? Wheel spin guaranteed and Traction Control working overtime!

Also before when cruising at 60mph and standing on the gas the car would speed up, but it would be at a decent pace and at a certain point stop pulling. Now after the tune, before I know it I'm hitting 120+ in 4th gear and it's still pulling hard! Or how about the traction control coming on at 70mph when it shifts because it's sending that much power to the wheels? Good times! :D

Local shops around here keep bad-mouthing any 'canned-tune' or 'mailorder-tune' but Vector delivers! I'm just gonna have to really learn to take it easy and not accidentally end up side-ways/backwards (or worse; upside down) because this car now has GOBS of power, and it's ready to pounce!


  1. Nice! Thanks for the blog. Great info on here. No. I am not a spammer. I actually have a GT. From what I've seen Vector seems reasonably priced. Thanks to you I'm not scared of it and thinking about it real hard. Any problems with your dealership about warranty issue's? I'm taking it your not too worried about it.

  2. Great read on the Vector Motorsports tunes. I'm going with VMS for my tune, and it should go well with the intake/headers/exhaust. I'm really looking forward to having different TMS settings for the various shifting modes.

  3. I originally got a tune from Vector with my Vararam intake and the difference was quite noticable. When I upgraded to a set of ARH longtubes Vector emailed me a new tune and it has been working out great. I plan on buying their "stock converter" cam very soon. Vector has been great with excellent customer service.