Sunday, February 22, 2009

HSV GTS 20" Wheels

Ever since first seeing the Pontiac G8 Concept vehicle I loved the wheels that came on it. After searching I found out these are the Australian "HSV GTS" Wheels and of course these were not offered on the G8 here in the US. Thanks to "Crazy Paul" I was able to get my hands on some. The process took forever (literally 3+ months) but they finally arrived and I got them installed. They come in 8.5" in the front (weighing in at roughly 42 Lbs) and 9.5" in the back (about 47 Lbs).

For tires I was stuck between the Michelin Pilot Sport A/S (Plus) and the Bridgestone Potenza RE960 AS's. The 'Plus' version of the Michelin means it's the updated version and according to tests they are amazing tires. I could however only find the 'old' (non-plus) version of them (still a great tire - had them on a previous car) and they were quite pricey. So instead I decided to go with the Bridgestone's in 245/35R20 for the front and 285/30R20 for the rears. The HSV GTS stock size would've been 275/30 in the rear but i wanted a little extra width and knew it should fit from reading up on the Australian forums.

The shop I was getting them installed at nearly gave me a heart attack when they called me out and said: "yeah these wheels don't fit on your car - you don't have enough clearance in the rear" WTF?!? Seriously!?! So then they start talking spacers, the shop owner says I've got the wrong wheels with the wrong offset and I should just go get the right wheels instead of messing with a spacer... yeah THANKS idiot as i'm about ready to murder someone... then after i'm talking to charlie about how pissed I am about this entire ordeal the mechanic says "oh wait a minute - it's a double wishbone just like mercedes - when the car is lifted it moves in a bit so it should fit after all!" They raise it a bit what do you know - Obviously it DID fit... DOH! I Swear, I can only find people with an IQ of less than 50 to work on my car or something...

Ok so one heart-attack and several hours later everything is finally on. I must say the result turned out great and these are definitely the best looking wheels in my opinion for this car! The ride feels maybe 1% stiffer and I definitely have more traction which is a good thing! So far the tires seem to be very good and i'm definitely pleased with how it turned out.


  1. Hey Steve,

    I've enjoyed checking your blog out from time to time. Have you had the cam package installed yet? You're also the envy of quite a few G8 GT/GXP owners with those HSV wheels...very nice! One question: will the Pontiac wheel center caps not fit? I see you have the Holden caps on in the picture, so I was wondering. I have a G8 GXP and would like a wider set of wheels, but want to retain the stock look, so I've been thinking about the Cadillac CTS-V wheels or the HSV's. I know the Pontiac wheel caps are too small for the CTS-V wheels. Anyway, give us an update on your G8 journey when you get a chance!


  2. Hey Alan,

    I didn't even try the old center caps from my 18" since I sold them but i THINK they actually will fit in these wheels. That was actually going to be my first approach and keep the pontiac center caps, but after putting the HSV ones one I really liked them so I kept them on.

    Still not cammed yet - no time/funds etc and still thinking about some other options I may want to do at the same time :)

    Thanks for reading!

  3. I agree with the previous comment about those wheels looking sweet on the g8! I wish GM would have offered those wheels to us in the US. Are the wheels replica HSV wheels? Do you have any details about pricing or sources for ordering them?

  4. Justin, These are the real HSV wheels. I got mine straight from Australia through Holmart with the help of 'Crazy Paul' (look him up on - he has great deals on Australian stuff).

    JHP is another option to get these from. Pricing should be in the 2.5k range

  5. Thanks for the info. JHP's are ~$3300 so it seems you got a good deal. Sweet looking car!

  6. The exchange was I believe 0.65 or something like that at the time which really helped!

  7. Do you know the offsets on the wheels-- thx