Saturday, November 20, 2010

Rebuild Stroker - 234/242 114LSA+2

OK so as you may have read previously on here my first adventure into cam/stroker land went horribly wrong and I had to get it rebuild.. Last Sunday Ellis from Speed Secrets was kind enough to personally come drop the car off. This was great as it was perfect final 'test drive' for him to drive it down and that way we could drive it together for a bit to go over everything.

The Cam-Shaft was a 'Patrick G' spec-ed
234/242 .602”/.605” 114LSA +2 advance 

Obviously quite a bit more agressive and more lift than my 228/228 115 LSA .

The only two things that still are 'amiss' are that:
a) The tune is a little touchy about applying throttle from a standstill - if you do it too slowly the RPMs seem to drop and I got it to die on me. But apply a heavier foot and you can work around this.

b) I have an obnoxious rattle going on that sounds horrible especially when cold. At first I thought it was the engine running rough, but luckily that turned out to be not the case.

I also was able to switch back to the stock GT Mufflers since the Stolen Fox's were just too loud on my old setup (and I didn't even want to think about what it would do with this cam!). The car sounds very nice warmed up and not too loud at all.. if anything I seem to have more noise coming from the front-end than the rear mufflers ;)

Other than that the build is pretty much the same as before with the same rotating assembly but slightly longer pushrods (7.425).

How does it drive though? Well let's just say I'm getting used to it again.. After having driven a practically silent 90hp gutless wonder for the last 6 months (Yes that's how long it's been) this thing rumbles & shakes like there's a wild animal under the hood waiting to get out... which if you step on the throttle takes off like crazy! I definitely feel its faster than my previous build when doing WOT runs (only did a couple so far) and Ellis commented on how much it pulls too.. 

So far I'm getting a whopping 11mpg lol.. guess I NEED to add a supercharger now to get some fuel economy back ;)

Ellis took pictures throughout the build and once I get those I'll post them up and once I clear out my video camera I'll try to shoot some video of it idling/reving etc

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