Thursday, December 9, 2010

Transmission Linkage

So ever since my snow adventure I had noticed an interesting issue with my shifter. Usually when parking I just slam it from "D" to "P", but when I did this a little slower I noticed that the actual 'shift points for Neutral and Reverse did not seem to line up anymore with the actual location on the shifter base. Neutral was practically in reverse, Reverse was halfway to Park and Park sometimes would not engage unless I tapped the shifter forward while it would technically already be in Park.

Quick search on the forum came up with the transmission linkage being the probable cause. So I went out and got some basic jackstands + jack, but then after that I got busy with life and simply didn't get around to doing anything about it.  Last Thursday night coming home from work I could tell it was acting up again and finally when I pull into the garage it simply would not go into Park.. I tried putting it back into Drive to try again when I hear a loud CLUNK under the car and now I can move the shifter to Park (but not out of it), yeah the Display still shows I'm in Drive.. OOPS..

Quick Call to the G8 Emergency 911 Tech Center (A.k.a. Charlie ;) ) I get some directions on where to look, and what to do. I jack up the car and I take a look and what do you know - there is the transmission linkage just laying on my exhaust..

Yeah.. that's not good..
Getting further under the car to get a good look you can clear see where the linkage must have been rubbing against the bottom of the car as it was on it's way out.

Surprisingly enough after inspecting the white plastic clip seemed to be fully intact! (Shocker after how many times that thing must've been taken apart since I've had the car).. So after moving pulling on it to put the actual transmission in Park as well and some careful finagling I managed to get it back into position.

I did my best to make sure the plastic tabs were all the way through the rubber grommet that's in there. Let's hope it doesn't come out again! Meanwhile I've purchased a 1/2" metal E-Clip which will supposedly fit so that I can put that on when I'm under there again. Sure would give more piece of mind than a 1 cent piece of plastic..

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