Monday, April 2, 2012

4 Years of G8 Ownership

Today, April 2nd, marks 4 years of G8 ownership for me. It's been a road filled with ups & down, but for the last 18 months (the time I've had my car back since the stroker rebuild) it's been a fairly quiet time. Looking back, it seems in the last 12 months the only thing I have done to my car has been the Trunion Upgrade

What a difference 4 years make though.. Back in '08 when I purchased my car it was a warm sunny spring day, now we had snow a few weeks ago and everything's cold, wet and gray. Back then the economy seemed promising, Pontiac was still around and we were hoping for a huge aftermarket.  Now, Economy in the tank (no matter what the Wall street numbers say with their over 13000 BS..), Pontiac is no more, and aftermarket for G8s.. well it's mediocre at best when compared to say the Camaro. (obviously with Pontiac being dead, most manufacturers are simply not that interested in supporting a 'dead' platform)

Day of Purchase.. totally stock..
All that said though - I still enjoy my car everyday as my commuter car. Currently I am around 38.2k miles, which for a 4 year old car doesn't sound like a lot, but of course I've been without my car for practically 8 months when adding everything up for the original stroker build + rebuild. I SHOULD really take better care of it in the detail department (I can go without washing it for months) though. A little interior detailing wouldn't hurt either ;)

 While a lot of original G8 owners have moved on (whether by choice, or because their G8s got wrecked - which seems to happen an alarming amount!), I have yet to see a car that I would volunteer to trade my G8 in on (not that I'm looking). Really I hope to hang on to it for quite a few years to come and still put some more of my 'WishList' mods on to the car to really turn into what I want.

As to what the near future holds - as a 'birthday present' for my car, I've decided to get an AutoCal & Patrick G Tune. From everyone's experiences , Patrick G seems to be the THE MAN when it comes to G8 tunes, so it seemed like a worthwhile investment. Once I get to actually putting the tune on etc I will do a write-up on that as well.

Also, As mentioned previously, I am planning to install a transmission cooler this spring And while I have the deeper transmission pan, since I already scrape my cats here and there, I will most likely hold off on that particular upgrade, until I raise my car a bit more. I've been looking at my car lately and feel that raising the back end just a little bit, would probably be a nice raked look and help with the scraping.

The biggest project ahead is mostly theoretical as far as how to shoehorn a Vortech V7-YSi unit into the car without it looking like some tricked out ricer with tubing everywhere, which most likely will involve moving the power-steering and possibly even some fender/wheel well issues... If it turns out that is do-able though, then it's time to start saving, because that would be one awesome setup!

And then there's still that whole front bumper thing........

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