Saturday, March 15, 2014

Battery Replacement

It was bound to happen  'someday' and judging by what I've read it was long overdue: My stock battery has finally died. Yes that's right - the STOCK battery, from 2008, finally died on me.. and in my opinion really only because of the numerous months it sat without a charge in the last couple of years. It seemed most people get 3-4 years tops out of their battery, so for it to last a good 6 was pretty nice.

I had noticed it was getting harder to start the car - would take quite a few cranks to get going. Also when doing a 'hot-start' or multiple starts in quick succession it would have issues (think going to the gas station down the block etc). At first I figured I'd try charging it. It would hold the charge, but just sitting overnight the battery capacity would indicate it would lose 20%+. Based on that I knew it was time for a new one.

Taking the old one out was easy enough - just popup the plastic trunk strip that holds the cargo net, pull out some push fasteners in the left portion of the trunk and you have access. Then with IIRC some 10 and 13mm wrenches it took just a couple of minutes to get the old battery out. My battery tray looked in good condition still - I was concerned I would find rust and other 'wear' like others had reported, but it was totally fine.

The Old Stock Battery
Battery tray looking nice and clean still
Only 640 some CCA? wow
For the new battery I looked around online and locally trying to find a good deal. I noticed however that for some reason online shop don't feel like shipping a 50 pound battery.. go figure! I ended up settling on the local AutoZone, and they had a DuraLast 'Gold' (standard Lead-Acid) and DuraLast 'Platinum' battery (AGM). I decided to go with the 'AGM' (absorbed glass matt) battery since I head read a lot of good things about them.

New Battery ready to install

800 CCA, that's more like it!
Basically taking the reverse steps of the removal process, installation was a snap and the entire replacement was done in about 20 minutes. As far as starting etc, the car now starts up right away without any hiccups or hesitation. I have been monitoring the battery status and it's hovering around the 90% mark most of the time (lots of short trips etc, no real highway driving). So thus far I'm quite pleased with it!


  1. My G8 GT down to 37%. Not bad after 11 years with original battery

  2. My g8gt battery lasted 11 years but now it's down to 37% charged. Still starting thou but starting to look for a replacement