Saturday, April 5, 2014

Dealerships are funny...

So I went to get my oil changed the other day, and I figured I'd go to the Pontiac, ehmm I mean "Chevy/Buick/GMC" dealership.  I had called them up a while ago and it's funny how my impression from years ago (i.e. they have no clue) still proves to be true..The conversation roughly went like this:

Me: "How much does an oil change run for a 2008 Pontiac G8 GT"
(let's call him) Bob: "Ok.. *type type type* Oil change on a Pontiac G6.."
Me: "No, the G8.. GT.."
Bob: "Oh right right, the bigger one - Thats the big V6 right?" (emphasis added by 'bob')
Me: "No... It has the V8.." (thinking: 'Big V6' what the heck is he talking about??)
Bob: "Oh right, thats the one with the supercharger?"
Me: "ehmm no...." (Again... WTF? Is he thinking the 'firehawk'? Seems unlikely he'd even know about that...)
Bob: "well that'll be $xx.xx for 5 quarts of oil blabla"
Me: "It takes 8.8 quarts, not 5"
Bob: "Really?? *more furious typing* oh yeah yeah.. so it'll be $xx.xx and blabla would you like to schedule an appointment now?"
Me: "No thanks.."

Now I can see how the guy working the service department may not know every car their dealership has ever sold/supported/maintained, but you know they're typing stuff into the computer which should tell them all they need to know..

Anyway - I figured 'what the heck', and went in to get it done since it was needed and figured at least the mechanics would be able to read a computer screen telling them what to do. While I was waiting I decided to wander the lot a bit to see what they had in stock. Not much to be honest.. dozen new Camaros, Aveos, some Malibus, and a bunch of Impala's... Really? Oh there was 1 Corvette in the showroom, but other than that, nothing new.. No Chevy SS's to be found ANYWHERE. Pretty disappointing!

Did find what appeared to be a totally stock, G8 V6 in the parking lot that had been serviced.

Spotted at the dealership

The 'tech' at this point brings my car around (surprisingly it only took them about 30-40 minutes) and I casually ask him how it's running after the oil change. His answer was: "Not Good!, Not very good at all!". I look at him puzzled and ask him what he means (I drove the damn car in and it was fine..and of course I'm paranoid about stuff being wrong..) and he starts going off on this long rant about how it's sounding louder, and rough like it's 'a miss', not a smooth idle and he's surprised the check engine light isn't on, and he can compare since they worked on 'that other g8 over there' and they're nothing alike, so there's something really wrong with my car.. Really....Really?!?!

 Well No Sh!t Sherlock!. Not only are you comparing a V8 to a V6, you're comparing a STOCK V6, to a 418 LS3 V8 with full headers, custom cam with decent amount of lift etc, basically nothing under the hood is stock, bar the accessories! Apparently these guys never heard of different cam profiles or lope etc (not that mine is particularly 'lopey', but there's a hint).

Obviously once I got in everything was just fine...  Scared me though! Last thing I need is MORE engine drama! Naturally the next day I get contacted if I want to schedule follow up service where they replace fluids etc blablabla.. you know.. all the stuff that was done a couple hundred miles ago when, oh I don't know... got a new engine?!?

Anyway, funny thing was I actually got to see another G8 that day after I went and got some gas. So that now makes 4 different G8s (mostly V6s though) I've seen in the last couple of weeks.. Weird how you don't see them for years and then all of a sudden there's a cluster of them..

Spotted another V6!

And a GT

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