Thursday, May 22, 2014

Some People....

Sometimes you see cars around and you think "Really??? what were they thinking!" and other times you think 'THAT is awesome'. To provide samples of both here's some pictures. First off a 'What were they thinking' winner of the month. 

A Jaguar XF With a Leaper!
First, a little Backstory - The new Jaguar models are all about sleeker lines vs the old 'retro is cool' models like the S-Type or old XJ. If you followed Jaguars lately, they actually are doing a LOT better ever since Ford sold them and the new owners 'Tata Motors' (yes yes.. insert juvenile jokes here) seem to let them do their thing. With Ian Callum being their Director of Design they really are stepping up their game - Keep it up. Definitely makes me interested in their cars again - Could definititly see myself in an XF or XJ.. however.. to get a similar HP number as my G8 I'd be looking at their XFR or XFR-S which has a nice hefty price tag between $Way,Too.Much and $Never,Gonna.Happen or $ICould,Buy4.G8s... For the added 'luxury' I just don't think it's worth it.

Now one thing I actually heard from several people is that on the new models, the lack of a 'Leaper' on the hood simply did not make it a Jaguar (never mind that some 2000-2008 models etc like the XK didn't really have one to begin with - but instead use a 'Growler' ). According to these people the (bizarro world)"logic" apparently must goes like this:

Leaper , So it looks like a Jaguar

Leaper , So it looks like a Jaguar

No Leaper, Growler what? Does not look like a Jaguar and looks like "Any other modern car"

No Leaper, Growler what? Does not look like a Jaguar and looks like "Any other modern car"
I just don't understand how you can honestly prefer the looks of the old S-Type / XJ over the new XF/XJ. And to say a Jaguar has to have a leaper to look like a Jaguar.. come on.. the new models exude much more 'Big Cat'-ness than the old ones ever did (and that is coming from someone who used to own & love their S-Type!).. Anyway that brings us to what apparently is becoming more 'common place' than it should be.. People (and even dealerships) ADDING leapers after the fact.. Near my work I found this gem...

Sweet Lord, WHY?!?!?!
Why anyone would do this to a perfectly innocent XF is beyond me.. I blurred the licenseplate to protect the GUILTY... What's even sadder IMHO is that apparently Jaguar gave in to these whiners, and if you go to their accessories website - they now officially sell them right there.. *ugh*


So onto some more entertaining cars I spotted that are not totally depressing...

A Delorean
I know there's a couple in this state, and its just an interesting thing to see.. It didn't have the '88MPH' plate or 'OUTATIME' or whatever people usually slap on these cars, but it was still interesting. Didn't attract a lot of attention though, but then again maybe that's because it was in a Lowe's parking lot..

A Dark Helmet
Lastly - This thing makes me crack up nearly every time I see it. A small black Fiat 500, with a license plate that spells 'Dark Helmet'. In case you're not familiar with the Movie 'Space Balls' go check it out somewhere. Typical Mel Brooks Star-Wars Spoof.. Anyway.. Here's  Dark Helmet, awesomely played by Rick Moranis

And here's the car I see a couple of times a week

Quite the similarity if you ask me!

What do you mean 'we look alike'?
Anyone who can work a Mel Brooks movie reference into a license plate deserves kudos in my book! "May the schwartz be with you!" ;)

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