Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Picked up my G8 GT!

Well today I picked up my brand new Panther Black G8 GT. Took basically all day since I had to drive back & forth for some paperwork but it was well worth it.

And yes for the observant few: that's the WRONG year in the timestamp of the photo's... had to put in a new battery and forgot to check it.. *doh*

Here's my baby a whole couple of hours old! I'm already hating the front license plate holder. Never had one on the Jag (yes it's still required by law blablabla) and I'll probably be taking it off fairly soon.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

What Car to Get

So I had been looking at getting a new car for a while now. The old Jag S-Type was dying, engine started to make a lot of weird noises, had over 106k miles on it so it was unfortunately time to go. It was really sad because it still LOOKED awesome inside & out. One day the engine just blew and that was the end of that story :(

Basically I was looking at a few cars - I didn't have many requirements except that it had to be Black on Black , I had to like the look of it inside & out (obviously) and have a decent amount of HP/TQ! (300+ at least for some major Fun-Factor ;) ). For a little I considered a Dodge Charger SRT8 but they're just too common and 'blah' looking inside, so I narrowed the list down to:

1. Jaguar XF Supercharged

New Jaguar just out - Pricey too for
the supercharged model. We had some really bad experiences with the local dealerships sales department. (Service guys were great though) so really both those factors sorta killed it. Also, a new Jag is not the type of car you can 'tinker' with or mod after the fact. You buy it and that's it. There's barely any (if not NO) aftermarket for it.

2. Jaguar XJR

The classic - Still looks great, but it also is a little dated. While I love rolling around in pure luxury it was the same thing where there is no aftermarket available. And while 390 Hp is nice, i wanted more.

3. Dodge Challenger SRT8
Wow - Talk about the return of American Muscle. Bold, Powerful, Impressive. Out of all the Retro cars THIS is the one that got me excited. Except for the slight detail of dealerships marking up their cars by OVER $40k!#!%( Seriously.. what a rip-off! Also it's a 2-door which didn't really work for me right now but someday i'd love to get my hands on one of these.

4. Pontiac GTO
Not the best in the looks department but I always liked the interior (yeah non-American, that's probably why it looks decent!) they were going for relatively cheap and had tons of power. Of course it was a 2 door which wasn't workable for me. Though I ALMOST went to look at a pro-charged model but it was just sold that day I called about it.

5. Pontiac G8 GT
Nice Interior, PLENTY of room for a guy my size, even in the back seat. Juicy V8, Booming aftermarket, Cheap price which leaves $$ to play. The dealership was really nice and worked with me to take care of the non-running S-Type. Heck it's even got a BLACK roofliner! We have a winner!