Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Front License Plate Holder Removed!

So i've been driving around now for over a month with that stupid front license plate holder. First I took off the frame & advertising so all I had left was this big black ugly plastic rectangle.

I tolerated that for a while but today it was bugging me so I took it off. Of course it was put in place with 3 rivets through the bumper so I ended up actually having to drill them out to get the monstrosity off the car. Trick is to just start with a small drill and keep moving up insize untill it comes off. That way you won't end up with bigger holes than you have to.

There's this place called bumperplugs that sells special plugs for like $30 to put in these holes but it sounded like a rip-off to me. So I went to Lowes and in their general hardware/fasteners isle I found some black push fastener/plugs that fit just perfectly in the holes. So now my car has nipples hahah ;) I gave'm a quick coat of generic black metallic spray paint so they'd blend in better with the car since I did not have touch-up paint yet.

Turned out quite nicely i think: