Monday, June 30, 2008

VMS Heat-Soak Reduction Kit

So Vector MotorSports - a fairly well known tuner for Corvettes/GTO's etc - came out with a 'Heat Soak Reduction Kit'. Basically a better sensor that reacts quicker to changes in air temperature than the crappy stock one. It roughly looks like this one:

From their Site:
"Vector Motorsports is proud to introduce our Heat Soak Reduction Kit (HSRK) that will help you get the most of your GM vehicle. The kit includes all plug and play OEM quality components with no need to splice or cut the factory harness and we've done away with those slow GM OEM temperature sensors in favor of one that we designed that responds nearly ten times faster! This has proven to not only make vehicles more consistent but also obviously faster due to the lack of timing retard being pulled from false readings such as in the staging lanes at the drag strip where a normal IAT sensor may just start to measure a change by the end of the quarter mile. "

Connecting it was easy - just unplug the MAF sensor, plug that in to the new connector, and new connector back into the MAF unit. Now the hard part was trying to figure out WHERE to mount the sensor. There have been various opinions going back & forth online on the best location.
A member of named Charlie (GRRRR8) did some testing and came up with the perfect location if you had a Roto-Fab CAI installed, which I did right before. (in fact I ordered the heatsoak kit before I even ordered the CAI!).

Basically it would go right into the base of the CAI and right before the Maf Sensor. Using a step-drillbit I kept on drilling untill i finally had it large enough so that the grommet that I got fit which is about 3/4". I got a Dorman HELP! PCV valve grommet, part number 42058. supposedly for a '74-'79 Toyota from AutoZone. It fit around the sensor VERY snugly and it was a bit of a struggle to get into the hole I drilled with the sensor in it already. Finally it did though but upon running and checking with a piece of string I noticed that the area around the grommet was not airtight as the string would be sucked up against it. ... Oh well quick dab of silicone caulking all the way around sealed it just perfectly.

Here are the pictures from Charlie showing the install position of the sensor:

If you're interested to see what else Vector can do, visit them here:

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Roto-Fab CAI & Radiator Cover Installation

So one of the first mods I decided to get was the Roto-Fab Cold Air Intake & Radiator Cover.
Added Performance, Cool looks, Kick-ass Sound - what's not to like! From what I'd heard it wouldn't be that hard to install so i figured that i'd try it over lunch time with my friend Neil (check out his blog!) lending a hand with the install.

After getting the required tools we took a long lunch and found a quiet parking space. Pop the hood, whip out the instructions and off we go. Stock the engine looks 'ok' but still could do with some improvements - here's a picture (not my car ;) )

Getting the old intake with it's weird boxy shape off was pretty easy and the instructions provided were clear and precise. We then continued by slowly putting the new system together and into the engine bay. The entire process only took about 45 minutes taking our time to go over everything twice since for both of us it was the first time we've done such an install and we didn't want to screw anything up. After it was installed it was time to turn on the engine. WOW.. what a sound difference. It sounds mean & aggressive now vs barely hearing anything at all (Stock the G8's are extremely quiet!). We took it for a spin and I could definitely tell it had a bit more power already. Next we slapped on the radiator cover which took a whopping 2 minutes. Just align, put in the push fasteners and that's it. Finished result looks great! (forgot to take a picture so i'm borrowing someone else's who has done the same :) )

Update: Here's a video of it installed and revving the engine!

If you're interested in these products visit Roto-Fab, they sell top quality products!