Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Holden Sun-Shade / Roof Spoiler

Always looking for something unique from the Holden site, I had noticed their 'sunshade' a while ago. To me it looked more like a 'roof spoiler' but I guess it was designed to give people in the back a little more shade. (Not like they need it in my car with my 20% tint). Paul from our board at GRRRR8.net (Check out his vendor section!) was kind enough to hook me up with one. It showed up in less than a week all the way from Australia!

Upon closer inspection of the shade it actually turned out that instead of being solid black like I first thought it's actually just very darkly tinted, hence the 'sunshade'. I'd compare it probably to a 15% tint - pretty dark! It comes as one large piece with 2 little brackets you need to attach with some thumbscrews. It attaches to your car with a strong double-sided tape.

To ensure adhesion the instructions say you need to use '3m Primer 94'. 1 little 'ampule' is all you need (costs about a dollar). You just crush the tube between your fingers right behind the brush part to start using it.

After dry-fitting it I applied the primer to the areas on the glass where the double-sided tape would be sitting. Then after waiting 5 minutes I carefully placed the spoiler with some assistance from a buddy and we first secured the brackets, then we peeled off the rest of the backing tape from the main part and pressed down hard to secure it firmly. Then it's a waiting game for about 4 hours so that the tape can fully cure before you drive off.

(Apologies for the bad pictures - dirty car + cell phone pics = not a good combination ;) )

At First I didn't quite know what to make of it visually - it was quite different and I wasn't even sure if I liked it. Now that it's been a couple of days I have gotten more used to it and I actually do like the distinctive look it gives the car. I did notice that along the leading edge of the shade the tape seems to have separated just a little bit (less than or about a millimeter) but it's still on there very secure and at this point it's not budging either way. From inside the car you don't even know it's there, and the 3rd brake light is still very visible.

So if you're looking for something sporty looking to set your car apart from the other G8s this could possibly be an item for you!