Sunday, February 22, 2009

HSV GTS 20" Wheels

Ever since first seeing the Pontiac G8 Concept vehicle I loved the wheels that came on it. After searching I found out these are the Australian "HSV GTS" Wheels and of course these were not offered on the G8 here in the US. Thanks to "Crazy Paul" I was able to get my hands on some. The process took forever (literally 3+ months) but they finally arrived and I got them installed. They come in 8.5" in the front (weighing in at roughly 42 Lbs) and 9.5" in the back (about 47 Lbs).

For tires I was stuck between the Michelin Pilot Sport A/S (Plus) and the Bridgestone Potenza RE960 AS's. The 'Plus' version of the Michelin means it's the updated version and according to tests they are amazing tires. I could however only find the 'old' (non-plus) version of them (still a great tire - had them on a previous car) and they were quite pricey. So instead I decided to go with the Bridgestone's in 245/35R20 for the front and 285/30R20 for the rears. The HSV GTS stock size would've been 275/30 in the rear but i wanted a little extra width and knew it should fit from reading up on the Australian forums.

The shop I was getting them installed at nearly gave me a heart attack when they called me out and said: "yeah these wheels don't fit on your car - you don't have enough clearance in the rear" WTF?!? Seriously!?! So then they start talking spacers, the shop owner says I've got the wrong wheels with the wrong offset and I should just go get the right wheels instead of messing with a spacer... yeah THANKS idiot as i'm about ready to murder someone... then after i'm talking to charlie about how pissed I am about this entire ordeal the mechanic says "oh wait a minute - it's a double wishbone just like mercedes - when the car is lifted it moves in a bit so it should fit after all!" They raise it a bit what do you know - Obviously it DID fit... DOH! I Swear, I can only find people with an IQ of less than 50 to work on my car or something...

Ok so one heart-attack and several hours later everything is finally on. I must say the result turned out great and these are definitely the best looking wheels in my opinion for this car! The ride feels maybe 1% stiffer and I definitely have more traction which is a good thing! So far the tires seem to be very good and i'm definitely pleased with how it turned out.