Friday, August 28, 2009

Suspension Issue

Recently I noticed some Groaning coming from the front drivers side when I turned the steering wheel full left. Also there was was sounded like an annoying 'clunking' sound when driving over bumps. So I decided to take a look when I pulled into the garage last night and what do I find behind my front passenger side wheel?

The Link that connects to the sway bar & strut had come loose and was just flopping around!

So off to the dealer it was. Once it was on the lift it was clear to see that the link was just laying there and the nut had just fallen off. The dealer thought perhaps the previous shop never hooked it up right, but I think when I Went to T&T Tire Factory to raise my car that one time they just didn't tighten it right. (I know Norpac installed it perfectly!)

Not sure how visible it is, but at the drivers side the nut was about half-way off!

90 bucks later (took them forever to find the right nut) I was on my way again and the noises are gone. Guess that goes to show you that if you hear a noise that's not supposed to be there, something is wrong! lol ;)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

DM Performance LS Girdle

As posted previously I had ordered a Main-Cap Girdle to go with my stroker Build. It got delivered today so I figured I'd show what was included.

First the actual girdle:

This thing is HEAVY and rock solid - a very nice piece of fabrication!

Second was the Stud Kit

It came with 20 studs, 10 chrome nuts, 20 black nuts and a bag of washers (didn't bother counting them , probably 20 :) ) Not sure why I have more nuts than bolts, but so be it :) maybe they figured you'd want to mix it up a little and put the chrome ones on the inner or outer only. 2 of the bolts are shorter than the rest which was interesting.

The measurements for the bolts are:
18 x 5" bolts (with 1 side having a 1" coarse thread and a 1 5/8" fine thread on the other)
2 x 4 5/8" bolts with 1" coarse thread and a 1 1/4" fine thread

Instructions that came with the package says the two shorter ones should be placed in the outer front main cap holes (nearest the timing chain), but if you have a GTO oil pan they should go on the right side of the block on the outer number 2 and 3 to clear the oil tube running to the back of the pan. Not sure if that makes any sense to anyone who's ever had these engines apart..

Also i'm not quite sure how these compare to the normal ARP studs as far as length goes. I'm guessing these are little bit longer to account for the girdle taking up some space.

Now I guess the other thing I need is the 'side bolts' which normally are parts of the main stud package.. bet those will be hard to find separately! :(

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Win a V6 Roto-Fab Intake!

For you guys ( & gals) who have a V6 based G8, be sure to make a post here for your chance to win a Roto-Fab Cold Air Intake for your car!

Here's a copy of the post:

It's been a while since our last give-away but thanks to Roto-Fab here's our next one!

Feel there's no love for the V6 owners? Not here! This month's prize is
A Roto-Fab V6 CAI Kit!

You can read up on the intake on the Roto-Fab site here


  • ONLY People who own a V6 G8 can enter! Show a picture, signature , describe your car etc.
  • If you Have a GT or GXP you CAN NOT enter (unless you own a V6 as well )
  • Simply post a reply (only once please) to this thread for your chance to win.
  • DO NOT post in this thread unless you want a chance to win these
  • This thread will close end of day Friday August 14th 2009.
  • Saturday August 15th 2009 a random winner will be chosen from the people who entered and announced here.
  • Winner will obviously have to provide their mailing info.
  • If we get no response from the winner within 2 days a new winner will be chosen.
  • Moderators for ARE eligible to enter as well.
  • As always - previous winners ARE eligible as well!

To Enter follow this link and post a reply on the forum!