Thursday, October 22, 2009

What the......?!?!

So it's been a while since I washed the G8... Between being busy busy busy and simple not caring I just never got around to it. Today it was suddenly really getting to me how filthy the car was so I decided on my lunch break to go to one of those DIY car washes. I typically don't like these types since there's usually barely any pressure, but drastic dirt called for drastic measures. I never use the brush that's there since I know some hill-billy just scrubbed the wheels of his 4x4 after what looks like it was a mud & gravel-diving excursion.. yuck!

So I start spraying the car down with the high pressure washer and I get to my rear wheels and what do I see? A HUGE chunk missing! WHAT THE #%*&!%?!?! It's in a place where it makes NO sense, close to the center of the wheel. It in a spot where you would not see it unless the wheel has that part facing down (or you're on the floor looking at the wheel). I KNOW I have never hit a curb in this car and no one else drives it which really makes me wonder what caused it and how long it's been there!

Wonder what else can go wrong for me with this car....

Friday, October 16, 2009

Update & More Suspension Issues

So it's been a while since I posted.... Besides 'stuff' going on & being busy with work and things in day-to-day life I've just been burned out on just about everything: Work, Hobbies (I have a few, and all of them bore me at the moment), and especially car stuff. I just lost all interest in modding this car for whatever reason. I'm just irritated by it and the entire (especially local) 'scene'.

Also it doesn't help to see your buddy blow his engine and needing a brand new one. It makes you reconsider the "do I really want to push this any further?" question, especially for a Daily Driver. I haven't even opened the car up in ages and usually cruise at 60-65 max. It really is a shame though since I have a full Cam-Package + Stroker kit sitting in my Garage and I have a Holden GTS Front bumper sitting around somewhere (Thanks for keeping an eye on that Tony). Haven't decided if I'm going through with it or if I'll just sell it all...

If anyone's interested in any of these (preferably local) let me know.

To top it off the suspension noise from before came back with a vengeance which totally pisses me off. It makes me wonder if I'm the latest victim of the at this point well known Ball-Joint issues. (and here)

So now I have to take this POS to the dealer again, which I'm sure they'll try to weasel their way out of warranty work since they already commented on my Pedders install last time. So it'll be "interesting" to see what they say now.

Anyway, for your viewing 'pleasure'.. some noise videos