Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Stroker Install - Day 13

Day 13.. (or day 9 if you don't count weekends) and not much to update: Livernois will be getting my heads it looks like this Friday for the valve job and the porting. Guessing that'll take a few days + shipping back so it'll be at least a week before I get those back.

Stopped by the machine shop today and they were swamped too. (Even have 2 other GTO blocks they're working on supposedly!)  They don't even think they'll be able to start on it until MAYBE next week at the earliest. This is taking way longer than I'd hoped (I was hoping to be close to putting it back together by this point) so we'll see. I was able to snap some pictures of my block that was all stripped down & cleaned. You could definitely tell it was the newest block around ;)

Kirk @ Vector was gracious enough to already provide the tune based on the engine specs so at least that part is taken care of. Now it's just a waiting game until the machine shop gets to the overboring & stroker install.

Here are some pictures of my nice clean shiny block :


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Stroker Install - Day 6

Well not much of an update. The block is out and stripped down to basically a short-block and now the machine shop will go to work on it. Not sure how long that will take, but unfortunately they didn't sound too optimistic when I talked to them about a time-frame so i'm not sure if this will be done this month or not..

Also when the engine came out, my 'bellhousing' of my transmission had quite a few loose bolts... Geeh I wonder who could've screwed that up.... Simply by installing headers & a converter I go
a) Disconnected/Broken Air Intake after the Install
b) 4 Loose Sparkplugs and Oil Dipstick placed so that it would constantly PULL OUT another plug
and now c) Loose bolts in transmission housing...

ugh... nvm

Anyway - No pictures as of yet - but I've been told at least a few have been taken and the machineshop will take some too.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Finally the time is here! Stroker Kit - Day 1

After a long wait trying to get everything lined up "Project Stroker" was officially initiated yesterday! Dropped off the car yesterday so today will officially be the first day they're working on pulling the engine.

I did make some last minutes changes as to which party does which part of the job and which parts to use. Nothing major really though: I had the hollow stem valves (stock in LS3's) and was contemplating whether or not I should stick with my solid ones. A LOT of people gave me input but it was clear there was no obvious end-all-be-all answer. In the end I decided that since I HAVE the valves already I'm just going to use them - and its not like they're so bad since they come stock in the LS3s!

Also I had been going back and forth on porting the heads or not. The initial plan was that the machine shop was going to just do a basic valve job. After again seeking advice from several people it was basically concluded that a) a stroker engine could benefit from ported heads quite nicely b) So could a supercharger if it ever comes to that, and c)they heads are coming off anyway so you might as well!
And really - what can you say about point C ;) Livernois will be taking care of that part of the project for me so I can't wait to get the heads out to them.

Lastly - I was seriously wanting a Dyno run beforehand to see some base numbers. Problem: My car was too low to even get on the dyno (if you read the suspension story before you'd remember I couldn't even get onto the alignment machine normally because I was so low!)... so having to raise it would then mean lose a day upfront before work could even start on pulling the engine. In the end I decided to skip the base-line dyno run because when it comes down to it, while a nice point of reference to say "oh all this added 'x' amount of HP/TQ", as soon as as the new parts go in, the old number is, for all intents and purposes, null and void and no longer relevant. So we may do a limited dyno run either to tweak a break-in tune, or otherwise I will for sure after a 1000 mile break-in.

On a somewhat related note: I was going through some pictures of my car and I noticed I did not really take any pictures of it since it was dropped (Can you tell I was sorta 'out of it' with modding the car?) so I never had a a good shot of the stance. I took two as a 'memento' since it's going to be raised up by a bit at the same time since I keep bottoming out when trying to get in and out of parking lots etc. (Click for larger images)

Hopefully this anxious process will be over soon. I've been without my car for one day and already miss it! Estimated time: 2 weeks, so if I'm LUCKY I should have my car back by the end of the month, but who knows.... keeping my fingers crossed though!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy New Year Everyone!

Hello Everyone & Happy New year!

Wow it's been already over 2 months since my last posting here. The Holiday season is always busy for me so I haven't done much to the car.. Had a slight mishap with a gate opener when the gate started closing before I was through and hit the car.. Left a BUNCH of nasty scrapes on the rear quarter panel, but luckily 99% buffed out. I can't tell you how pissed I was though! Of course the spot I worked on now looks all clean and shiny while the rest of the car is just filthy right now. Looks a little weird and it definitely needs to be washed & waxed BADLY, but with the weather the way it is (rain all the time now) it just seems like a waste...

If you've read my previous postings you might have seen me going back and forth on doing this stroker install. After long debate I'm setting the wheels in motion (how's that for an automotive pun!) and getting all parties involved lined up. 1 shop will be pulling the engine and stripping it down to a short block (or long block.. gotta figure that part out still), the second shop will machine the block and install the stroker kit and new cam parts, while a 3rd will be porting the heads & giving it a valve job.

When it's all said and done the 1st shop will put it all back in the car and then i'll have a 4th shop do the tuning... Talk about a lot of details to figure out - Let's hope it all works out! I'm hoping most of them can take pictures of the progress as it happens which I can then post here in updates for everyone to see. I'll probably also post a thread on GRRRR8.net when the time comes :)
For now, stay tuned for 'Day 1' of the Stroker install write-up, coming hopefully sometime this month!