Friday, April 23, 2010

P0521 - Oil Pressure Sensor CEL

So I'm heading into work this morning and I heard a *ding* sound and the check engine light comes on. I don't really notice anything wrong with the car right away, but pay close attention to any weird noises etc. Everything seemed OK until I noticed my oil pressure is way low - The below picture was taking while cruising 60mph.

When actually coming to a stop and sitting at lights the oil pressure would be showing absolutely 0. Scary since I didn't want to screw up my engine! I called Charlie, and he asked if the engine sounded like it wasn't getting enough oil etc and it all sounded like it was running just fine. So pulled into an O'Reilly's (previously Shucks) and use their scan tool to check what the problem is. I pull the codes and they turn out to be a :
According to the person behind the counter this was most likely indeed just the sensor/switch  (and more specifically the range that it's reading out since when applying throttle the pressure goes up to about the '3' mark)  and that while I should get it checked out ASAP, it seemed OK to drive to the dealer still etc since the engine did not seem to be showing any signs of actually having low oil pressure.
 I have to go in for an oil change anyway so I guess I'll be calling around to see who has a sensor in stock!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

April Update

Well the weather has been warming up a little bit here so I finally took the time to wash the car again (and naturally it promptly rained the next day leaving me with these little pollen spots all over the car). So much for keeping the car clean! 

With the temperatures getting warmer it was time to have the A/C do a little more work and what do you know; It doesn't seem to cool. Either not nearly as much or not at all. I had the car baking in the sun (outside temp claimed to be 71) and no matter what setting I turned the A/C to all it was blowing back at me was the same warm moist air.. yuck! So it seems either one of the fittings of my A/C system isn't 100% clamped on, or since it was 'evacuated' at the time of my stroker install it may need a so called re-charge.  So now I'll have to either go back to Norpac or deal with a dealership (& accompanying lecture about aftermarket mods) to take a look at it. Guess it's never done!

As a Side Note; VegasNate, who is running a cammed + 2300 blown G8 GT, posted on the forum that his transmission "finally" kicked the bucket (and of course 'finally' is relative since it seems like he's barely had his car in the current configuration). It seems to show that around the 600hp mark you start asking for trouble with the transmission. It would seem if I want to keep this a daily driver and still put that Maggie on I may need to get mine rebuilt beforehand so I won't be grenading things. Supposed options are Fred Brown Transmissions ($3200), Rossler (~ $3k) and Circle-D has a rebuild option for $1350, but I'm not sure how much different this is from the other two.

Lastly - As posted before I've had the plan for a hybrid front bumper for... well basically as long as I've had the car (see old post here). As is common for me, I've been sitting on these bumper parts for over a year now before doing anything with them.  I had yet to find a place to do any plastic welding, and the one shop that seemed interested was over an hour away and naturally would want to see the parts in person first, which with my schedule was just a real pain in the neck to get there. I recently did another round of emails & phone calls to see if I could find any local places, and to my surprise I found one within a 5-mile radius that said they had some experience welding bumpers. I stopped by and dropped off both bumpers with some preliminary photo-shopped print outs. They're going to take their time (since I'm in no rush) to see what they can do. The 2 inch difference definitely makes it a little tricky to merge these two together so I hope they can figure something out!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy 2 year Anniversary to me!

Yes it's already been two years since I first picked up my G8. Sure doesn't feel like it has been that long, yet at this point this car is basically NOTHING like how it was in stock form.

Also it has taken this long for me to start seeing some more G8s on the road. Some of these people I know visit the forums etc, but I definitely spotted a Red, a Silver, a Stryker Blue, and a Panther Black in the last month that I could not place. Every time I see one I still think: "Damn that's a fine looking automobile!" only to realize I'm lucky enough to actually be driving one myself!

What's really amusing to me is that I remember when I first started this blog and I had my list of mods vs my 'mod wishlist'. The list of actual mods for the longest time was 0 and the wishlist was practically a laundry list of everything possible. Now looking at the right hand side of this blog it's the exact opposite. There's 3 items on my wishlist (Brakes,Bumper & Supercharger) while everything else is already on the car. That's not to say I may not one day put more or different parts on (compared to most people I'm fairly light on the suspension work like BMR or SPOHN parts), but do I see a need for it currently? Not really.... All in all I'm really content with my car at the moment and I can't wait to get those last big items on there - preferably before 2012 when the world ends and all that ;)