Thursday, June 24, 2010

June Update - STILL the same issues

Well what can I say... Besides the fact that I have spent more time without my car this year than with it...

I went to pick up the car last weekend from Norpac - they were working on the Oil Pressure Issue, crank sensor codes, A/C Pulley fix and a leaking coilover. The Oil Pressure issue went away (by itself?) and the guys thought it was fixed. So I told them to try a dyno run... They figured they'd take it easy and not go over 4500 rpms, but during or right after the Check Engine Light came back on and when looking at the car Justin also noticed a leaking rear Pedders Coil-Over.

The funky results from a partial dyno-run

The CEL was not only the P0521 but also two crank sensor codes. They replaced the cranksensor since it was showing bogus readings even out of the car and that took care of the crank issues. Coil-Over was an straight up swap so no issues there. That leaves the P0521 / Oil Pressure issue...

Upon starting it definitely sounded rougher (valvetrain noise) in the engine bay than I remembered - then again, so did the exhaust! Holy crap ,My car is LOUD! Right then and there I made the decision I need to go back to the stock Axle-Backs for good! The Atari gauges showed 2 lines at idle - Low, but at least there was something showing up. Justin mentioned though that manually they measured 10-15 psi at idle.. ugh that's way too low... As I take off I noticed my A/C doesn't want to come on. Great, I think -  now what else is busted!? Luckily that only turned out to be my radio faceplate being loose and thus the buttons not registering (Broke the clips a long time ago and haven't replaced them all yet).

However, literally not even 2 miles in to the 70 mile drive home what do you know.. *DING* Check engine light comes back on and the oil pressure disappears again. I call the shop right back and talk to Justin - Basically we agree that now we'll really have to rip open the engine to see what's going on since they couldn't find anything electrically. With their busy schedule that would at least be another 3 weeks or so...

I had meanwhile heard good things about Ellis Groo @ Speed Secrets in Monroe, Washington. That's a decent drive away from me (similar to Norpac's but opposite direction), but Ellis had already told me that he could look at it if needed. Knowing he has quiet a bit of experience with LS-based engines I figured he'd be the guy for the job. Justin @ Norpac agreed that taking the car to him probably would be the best approach since he has more expertise and he could probably get to it sooner. We figured I should be 'ok' to drive home where Ellis could then come tow me. I just kept the RPMs up (2k+) so I would get a solid 4 lines on my atari gauges (so that's at least 30+ psi). Naturally, I'm sweating bullets the entire way home as I'm listening to every little sound my engine makes.

Once I got home I hooked up my Vector Cable and ran their scan tool to at least get the Error Codes out and this time they were:
  • P0521 = Engine oil pressure sensor/switch range/performance
  • P0522 = Engine oil pressure sensor/switch low
  • P0575 = cruise control input circuit.
Supposedly the Cruise Control uses the Accelerator Pedal Position (Sensor) which relies on the same Ref Voltage A and Ground as the Crank Sensor & Oil Pressure Sensors. So possibly I have a mechanical AND electrical issue going on..

Now it's just a waiting game until Ellis comes to tow my car and figures out what the heck is wrong with it....

Crazy Paul has been a HUGE help throughout this ordeal. He's been an invaluable source of information and knowledge. Sending Schematics, Trying to make sense of the symptoms we were seeing etc etc. He even sent over a fabricated 'T' piece that would fit in the Engine Oil Pressure (EOP) Location so that you could have the stock sensor in there, but have a tap for a manual gauge to help in testing.

Crazy Paul's EOP 'T'

For anyone looking to hook-up a manual gauge in combination with the stock sensor I highly recommend talking to Paul to get your hands on this high-quality piece!

Lastly - I had someone look at merging a GTS and G8 Bumper together, but today I got word that no matter what they use for 'rod' material when trying to plastic weld - even if they use the actual bumper material - it just won't stick together for some reason. So as of this moment the plastic-welded hybrid bumper is basically DOA. Now I've gotta figure out what I am going to do with all the extra parts I had to finish the bumper... Talk about a waste of $$$...

This has NOT been a good year so far for G8 #470..