Monday, July 19, 2010

Rebuilding from the pieces

Just a short update on the rebuild process. So far it seems we'll be needing:

  • New LS2 Block
  • New Cam
  • New Oil Pump
  • New Lifters
  • Cam Bearings
  • Main Bearings
  • Head Gaskets
  • Rear Main Seal
  • Front Main Seal
  • Piston Rings 

For a bit I was looking for an Iron Gen IV 6.0L Block but quickly gave up. The Gen III LQ9 block doesn't work because of the knock sensor location, and the block used in the LY6 engine, which seems to be only production Gen IV Iron block, is not available by itself unless you get lucky in a junkyard... The other option of course would be a juicy orange LSX Block, but that's just not going happen with it's 2K price tag..

Basically as far the inside of the engine the only thing re-used are the Heads, and the Rotating assembly (Piston,Rods & Crank) oh and push rods. Adding all this up gets pretty depressing, and so far neither Bud's Machine Shop, nor Norpac Street Performance has stepped up to do anything besides saying "oh that's terrible"...

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Well my engine is F*cked

 Well it would seem I'm in need of new block. Consensus now seems to be that the wrong O-Ring was used on the pump/pickup assembly which allow air in from day one and eventually sucked in the O-Ring. That starved the cam bearings etc. Probably because I had a high pressure pump it lasted as long as it did. Here's what Ellis said:

"I do not have good news.  The cam looks like it has been starved for oil.  Upon further investigation we found at least one spun cam bearing maybe two.  I have included a few pictures of the damage we found on number four cam bearing which from what I can tell is the low oil problem.  The other bearings are hurt also.  It looks like number five may have spun also and that would ruin the block for sure.

I talked to my Machinist and the oil pick-up problem is the most likely cause for this to happen.  I actually found a post on the web today that lead me to pull the cam first and check this.  Glad I did as we found what we were looking for."

In the first Picture you can see the cam bearing is spun up against the lifter and the lifter is chewing up the bearing

In the second you can see how the cam bearing has spun far enough back to uncover the main oil feed dumping all you oil pressure

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Well it's official.... It's a Mechanical issue

Ellis Groo @ Speed Secrets picked up my car last Friday (and used quite a nice trailer for it!) to start investigating my Engine Problems.

Obviously started at step one was to see what the different gauge readings are:

According to a scan tool, once warmed up we saw:
6 PSI @ Idle
35 PSI when revving (don' t know the exact RPM's but doesn't really matter)

Once he was able to get a mechanical gauge hooked-up we saw:
6-8 PSI @ Idle
40 PSI when revving

That means officially it's no longer just a glitchy wiring harness or something, but something is seriously wrong inside my engine. Ellis will be pulling the pan and front cover here soon (and cut open the oil filter, but I doubt anything is in there since the dealership changed that the first time it happened). I'm keeping my fingers crossed for something 'easy & stupid' like a stuck-open relief valve in the pan or so...

All in All pretty depressing news so far :(