Saturday, September 25, 2010

STILL waiting....

It is now END of September and you guessed it: I'm STILL waiting for my car to be done. Only last Monday was the block finally picked up from the Machine Shop (seems to be a recurring theme with Machine Shops that their work takes about 3 times longer than they say it will). Meanwhile parts had been trickling in with the last thing being the cam-shaft which got in a few weeks ago. At first there was hope all this would be done mid September, then that become End of September, which now has become mid October apparently at the earliest (Ellis @ Speed Secrets is a busy guy!)
He said he had some other urgent jobs to finish up first so who knows.. Wonder how they are more urgent than mine since in my frustrating experience I've only had the car 2 months out of what'll be 10 months so far , IF i'm "lucky".... Would think that fact alone would bump me up the priority list LOL!

Being without the car for so long definitely has taken the fun out of it and seriously makes me consider selling it since I am already used to not having it. So if you guys in the PNW are looking for a Nicely Modded (with brand new engine at this point) G8 GT hit me up !

Meanwhile here's some more pictures Ellis has sent my way: