Friday, March 11, 2011

30,000 miles

Well today I'll be hitting 30,000 Miles - of course this doesn't mean much since barely anything bar the block itself is stock (so I've probably only got around a 1000 miles on this current setup). I've had my car back now for about 4 months and I recently made it a little more quiet with the extra mid-muffler. I'm not sure if this is the cause for me paying more attention to the noises coming from the engine, but a LOT of people have been writing about bad lifters recently so any sound instantly becomes suspicious. I decided to record a few clips of my car on my phone (not the best quality) so you can hear how quiet it is in car, but how loud the engine is (then again it IS a 403 Stroker with a pretty chunky cam) and a noise which has been bothering me.

Here's a video of it when first started in the morning - there's is a distinct knocking/tapping sound (which I guesstimate to be 4 times a second )I am concerned about but it usually goes away (or at least seems to lessen) when warmed up.It also seems to be slightly louder on the drivers side. Perhaps (hopefully) it's just the valvetrain echoing in the headers.

Next up is one driving down the street after getting in - you can tell vaguely that same sound is present (hard to tell in the video) but overall you can tell how quiet it is inside the car. (yeah I know it's rotated 90 degrees - sorry about that ;) ) I accelerate slowly near the end (last 5-10 seconds) and you can hear the tapping turning into more of a gurgling noise. You can see also that my oil pressure is doing quite well at 4-5+ lines at practically idle

Lastly a video of what the car sounds like after a 20 minute drive - you can tell it has smoothed out a bit, but still sounds pretty 'unpolished'; again I know i'm running quite a setup here and I'm just paranoid about any noises.Oil pressure at idle sits at 4 lines on the display so that's nice & strong.

Anyway so far i'm still really happy with my car and just hope that these noises are 'normal' for my setup and that I don't have a case of lifter eating cam-shaft like others have had..

Update 3/14: Here's another sample that shows the sound at cold start on the inside... sounds like a sewing machine/machine gun