Saturday, April 2, 2011

3 Year Anniversary

Well it's hard to believe by today it's been 3 years exactly since I picked up my Pontiac G8 GT #470 out the First 888 series. Is it me, or as you get older do the years really fly by FAST? It's been quite the journey, especially the disastrous last year but I'm optimistic that's all behind me.

What's also sad is that looking back many familiar faces in the community who had been involved moving on to other vehicles etc. Luckily a lot of them, if they move to a Camaro or new Ford Mustang tend to stick around over on, but with others you just can't help but wonder where they disappeared to - for instance, where did the infamous 'Penguin' go? Also then there's the inevitable wrecks.. Dwindling numbers on a car that's no longer being made is pretty depressing - especially from a mod-market perspective.

Anyway - My , what i'll call 'lifter tick', issue seems to have corrected itself after Charlie suggested I'd at least get an oil change with some quality oil instead of whatever the muffler shop who installed my Magnaflow 12468 decided to throw in.I did and it's been a few weeks now and it sounds much better.

Here's some videos of a cold start :

And after a 30 minute drive:

 As you can tell the TAP TAP TAP TAP is gone and now it sounds much more like it should (best way to describe is it sounds like a 'Rolling R' sound).

As far as what this year will bring - not much I'm afraid - the mod money is basically dried up so I have to pace myself. I still have a wishlist of several things like getting a Bear Brake Kit and some kind of supercharger. I've been going back & forth between  Maggie or the EdelBrock E-Force/Harrop Stealth-Force for it's OEM Look. I sorta discounted the Pro-Charger setups because of the AirIntake location eventhough for my needs (daily commuter car) it's behavior actually would probably be a better fit. Then WreckWriter on GRRRR8 posted this little nugget and all of a sudden I'm back at square one, because IMHO this, with maybe the cog-drive upgrade, would look BADASS on a G8!

But I've got plenty of time to make up my mind at this pace ;)