Thursday, May 5, 2011

Transmission Linkage Redux

So Before Christmas last year (hey does that mean I've already had my car back for over 6 months since the rebuild?? woohoo!) I had the - from what I gather rather common - Transmission Linkage come out. I had manually pushed it back in, but didn't have any E-clips at the time so it was just a ticking timebomb for it to happen again. Meanwhile I had been driving very carefully, never even popped it in Sports/Manual mode! , since I wasn't too comfortable with how it was put back together by yours truly.

Few nights ago ( so after about 4 and a half months) I notice the 'looseness' again in the shifter where N doesn't really line up with the real neutral, R is past 'R' etc.. it just feels wobbly so I already know it's on it's way out.  Jack up the car and what do I see? ( well what does my cell phone see, because my jack only goes up so high and it's really hard to fit my 'rotund' torso under the car ;) )

Excuse the shaky camera work - hard to figure out what you're recording when you can't see the screen... But as you can clearly see the linkage was out yet again & barely hanging on..

Of course this time I was prepared with my 1/2" inch E-Clips. Was a PITA to get one on so I actually used a little squirt of wd40 to get it on there. I did have to cut the longer legs of the white plastic clip that was on there and I accidentally ended up snapping off one of them.. at this point I was getting aggravated and instead of trying to trim them to length with a knife under the car I just snapped all 4 of the longer legs off and called it a day - it slid right through the shifter hook-up and once the E-Clip snapped into place it seemed like a pretty solid fix. I probably should've tried to snap it on from the top or spun it around (anal - i know lol) but at this point I was tired and figured good enough for now ;)

Maybe I'll actually get to enjoy some sports-mode or manual shifting this weekend without fear of getting stranded! ;)