Friday, August 19, 2011

How to tell you're getting old..

I recently had the 'pleasure' (not really) to drive around a few times in a certain Scandinavian Sedan (not Volvo - I LOVE Volvo's!)  This particular car was a  2011 'Turbo' Version of a '95'  and I was told it had 'a lot of pull' etc. It obviously felt much better/zippier than say a Civic, but looking at the specs we're looking at 0-60 in 8.2 seconds, 220 Horsepower and all for a 'measely' $38k... are you kidding me?? Consider me severely disappointed!Flooring it - yeah it pulls a little, but boy not even a serious contender for the G8 and the G8 was even cheaper when new! It did however remind of a few things that have been on my mind about my G8 regarding how it drives & sounds..

It also made me realize I must be getting old!

Gripe #1) My car is too loud

The other Sedan was WHISPER quiet inside & out.. and I LIKED it...
Can you say Old fuddy-duddy? But it's true! Even with my stock Mufflers, and the extra 12468 Mid-Muffler, here I am complaining my car is too loud.. Not from the exhaust mind you - you can barely hear it's even running at idle from the rear - but from the front! While the engine sounds a LOT smoother since I had Ellis install the new trunions I still sometimes cringe at how it sounds on the outside especially at idle/startup. Driving it, really is not bad at all - obviously it's not as quiet as a run of the mill European or Asian Sedan, and it never will be with the stroker under the hood,  but sometimes you just want to have it quiet! I'm seriously tempted to see if someone still has their manifold cover and put one back on (I threw mine out a few years ago) to see if that quiets down the engine noise a little bit (the whole reason why GM supposedly installed that piece).  Another option I've even started to consider is to get a smaller cam with less lift etc to quiet down the engine noises.. but then giving up power... not a big fan of that.. Of course it's all relative since I'm pretty sure for having a modded car (with a STROKER even) etc mine is one of the quietest ones, so maybe I should just suck it up and turn up the Stereo, because how often are you outside of your car when it's running anyway? ;)

Gripe #2) My car rides too stiff
 Again the other Sedan felt like it was gliding on air over the road.. parts where normally I'd be driving carefully watching for potholes, & other uneven sections it just went over with barely even noticing they were there.. Man it's nice to not always have to examine the road with a magnifying glass as you're driving!

Getting back into my car I felt everything (where sometimes it feels like you've hit a brick wall with your car.. THAT type of bump) and I had started to feel driving was actually getting laborious since I had watch for anything & everywhere (ok big bump in left lane in 50 yards so get in right lane, stay more left by this sign, stay more right by this exit etc etc) and I suddenly had enough..

I talked to Crazy Paul to see if it would be viable to install the Magnetic Ride Control from Holden in our cars. That unfortunately wasn't an option..

Now if you recall I'm actually running Pedders XA Coil-Overs and of course one thing about them is you can set how stiff they are. When I first got them I was running high 20's (INSANE), then high teens, then something like 12.. and then I thought I had them put softer still.. Apparently I hadn't...

So what does this old geezer do? That's right.. Bump those suckers down to ... "ONE" - you read that right.. "1" , One, Uno, Eins.. Whatever you wanna call it.. and WOW.. whilst not as soft as previously mentioned Sedan it is SO... MUCH.... MORE.... COMFORTABLE... Yeah you're not going to corner as fast on the 'twisties' blablabla, but for my daily commute that's the way to go! My rear-suspension is still set to something like 10 because I haven't had time to crawl under the car yet, but I'm actually sort of liking this combination. It is actually nice & relaxing driving to & from work now!

I have been thinking though that It would be awesome to install something like Electronic Damping Control in the car so you can just change it as you're driving!

Gripe #3) I still Bottom Out in some places
Now usually these are really 'f-ed' up driveways that already to me look like they would be an issue for a civic or any 'low' car. and though I love the look of my 'lowered' car, I'm ALMOST tempted to perhaps add at least an Inch to the back to get it off the ground a little more. Of course if the engine were a little quieter I could take out the mid muffler which is the new 'rubbing point' and all would be well too..

Decisions Decisions...