Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Small Transmission Update/Upgrade

Something that had been on my mind for a while now was the need for a Transmission Cooler. I am running a Circle-D 2800 RPM Converter (which everyone seems to think is a bit looser than stated) and while it seems to do 'ok' on cold days like these few months have been, I remember that on hot summer days combined with stop & go traffic, my temperature readings where getting up there (90+ Celcius / 190+ Fahrenheit).

The day before I actually took my car to Ellis over at Speed Secrets to install my Trunion Upgrade last summer, I was sitting in a drive-thru (yes I know.. bad for you ;) ) after getting stuck in traffic on a 100 degree day and my transmission made a weird Clunk noise and jerked a bit and a check light came on. I don't remember the exact code but it was some 'generic' transmission failure code. Obviously I was NOT happy about that, but luckily the code cleared on it's own. Ellis checked things out and didn't see anything wrong with it, and our thought was that maybe indeed it simply got too hot which caused some kind of issue.

So I decided that before Summer 2012 I was going to put in some kind of Transmission Cooler as 'cheap insurance'. Now the problem was I didn't know what kind to put in. There was this PCMForless G8 kit, that was rebranded a Derale cooler without any kind of official rating - but it was basically 'plug & play', or I could order a B&M and figure out all the hoses myself (well.. Ellis or whoever was going to be doing the install could ;) ). Then there also was the GXP Transmission Cooler which was a nice OEM option.

After talking to Charlie (GRRRR8) about this and being able to get a good deal on a package from Greg@PacePerformance it was decided to go with the 'official' OEM GXP Transmission Cooler.
The kit I have so far has the following parts (apologies for the bad pictures - my cellphone does NOT want to take normal colored pictures anymore and likes to make half of the picture dark for some reason ):

Cooler - 10385350
  Hoses - 92235999

Bracket - 92229556

Bracket - 92229558

Bracket - 92196369

2x Bolts - 92138771
4x Nuts - 11562271
4x Bolts - 11097481
2x Bolts - 11519976

Charlie is probably going to do an install on his car first to make sure we're not missing anything and once he confirms this is everything needed I'll be looking to get mine installed ASAP!

In Addition to the Transmission Cooler, we added the deeper Camaro Transmission Pan & Filter:

It includes the required parts to install the Camaro SS deeper sump transmission pan and the special "wide mouth" filter. This setup will help G8's that have had issues with fluid starvation on hard launches. I usually don't launch that hard, but considering my first engine build went *boom* because of starvation, and I already had a weird check-light come on for the transmission I figured better safe than sorry!

This kit includes:

  • Deep Sump Camaro SS Transmission Pan - #24250062
  • "Wide Mouth" Filter - #24236933
  • Transmission Pan Gasket - ?? (I didn't get mine! oops! But I guess you can re-use your existing ones)
You can get this kit now over at Pace Performance: GMP-24250062