Sunday, August 26, 2012

Third_Shift|Studios Pontiac Darts

I've had my Third Shift Studios (TSS) Pontiac Darts for ages - I had only put on the rear one since I was saving the front one in case I ever got that custom bumper made. As noted in a previous post a while ago, my rear one had started to show some serious flaking, and with my front OEM badge starting to fall apart as well, I set out to contact Jaison over at TSS to see what he could do.

He told me to send in my badges and he would work see what he could do. It was a bit of a struggle to get the rear dart OFF the car, so at least you know the adhesive tape they use is good! ;) After receiving them he told me that apparently (if I understood correctly) I actually had the FIRST set of the G8 Darts they made. Obviously since then they've made a few improvements etc. There were for instance some sizing issues with the first batch etc. But he said he'd take care of any issues.

After a couple of weeks I received the new darts in the mail. Since my original badges were basically 'prototype' level badges (but still were awesome) Jaison actually sent me brand new ones which had the proper sizing for the front etc. Looking at them and handling them they definitely felt different. My original ones looked/felt like raw aluminum with a light clear coat one them. These new ones felt 'solid', but the finish was thick and practically OEM grade. I was actually thinking these new ones must've been plastic, but Jaison confirmed that they are solid aluminum and that they have simply drastically improved the finish compared to the originals.

Great looking badges!
Getting the rear dart on was slightly tricky because I had cleaned it fairly well after getting the old one off, so it was lot of eyeballing etc. With the adhesive tape they use you really can't move it much if at all after putting it down the first time. I had to 'tweak' it a little bit, but the rear came out looking very nice. (I just still wish the 'GTS' logo was a little higher up)

Looking good in the rear
I then decided to also install the front to replace my broken OEM badge. I took a flathead screwdriver and a rage to put under it, and slowly pried away at the old badge until it popped out. Luckily it was a hot day so the adhesive came off relatively easy too.

Old Badge removed.. 3 different shaped holes?? Interesting....
With the center line in the bumper it was fairly simple to line up the new badge and stick it on in one go. While at first I was torn between Red and Black for the front badge, the Black does look incredibly sharp!
New Badge installed

If you have a TSS Dart that could use a refinishing because of road wear etc Jaison has told me that anyone can send in their dart and for $35 + S/H (at the time of writing this) and he'll refinish it for you. If you're interested in this service contact Jaison over on or go to their website directly here:

Of course if you don't have one yet, hit them up and order yours today because they are awesome!