Thursday, February 28, 2013

Fixing the Lifter Problem

So I'm slowly building up my parts supply to fix the Lifter Tick problem I've been having. Apparently I've been having it for a LONG time because even last summer I was complaining about my noises. I'm gettting (or have) the following parts for this fix:

Lunati 72332-16 Lifters
I definitely wanted a linkbar setup and do away with the plastic trays. That basically left Morel and Lunati (both made by Morel anyway IIRC) so I decided to get the Lunati 72332-16 Link bar Lifters from Greg @ PacePerformance. I don't spin my car super-high, don't drag race, so these 'street' version lifters are just right for me.

8x2 come in a set for 16 lifters total

Head Gaskets
Obviously since we'd be pulling the heads I would have to replace the head gaskets, so a couple of those were added as well.

Now with the link-bar lifters the word on the street is that the 'cup' inside the lifter sits a bit higher and that would result in a slightly shorter pushrod. I was running 7.425" pushrods, but a 'guess' on my end leads me to believe I may need to switch to 7.375" instead. However, Instead of ordering these already I'll let Ellis actually measure first and figure out exactly what length I need.
Length to be decided upon

Now based on what most other people have described with lifter issues, it usually chews up their Camshaft pretty bad (though for a lot of these folks the lifter actually SPUN sideways and has been scraping - mine, as far as we know , is still oriented correctly, but just tapping up a frenzy..).  So I may end up needing to replace the camshaft too..I'm considering just getting a new one so that we don't pull it out hoping it's still good and then find out I need a new one anyway which would mean a few weeks of downtime..

I talked to Patrick G and he mentioned some new kind of lobe profile that EPS has available, so I'm very tempted to try out one these Cams.. Only thing is these cams have WAY more lift , apparently I'd be going up to a .629" (but apparently that's not an issue even with my beehive springs.....) so we'll see..