Thursday, April 25, 2013

G8 #470 got into an accident...

Well.. my car got hit by a pickup tonight in the drivers side... Don't feel like discussing much more about it, but obviously NOT happy.. :( I may update this post in the future with some pictures etc, but at this point I'm guessing new doors are needed..

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

5 years of G8 ownership

Wow, today marks already 5 years of G8 ownership for me. The last year has been relatively quiet - not including the noises my engine has been making. As noted I'm having some major lifter tick and am in the process of getting the parts together to remedy this hopefully this summer.

Any other mods to the car have been low priority really.. All the little things are done, and any projects remaining on the wishlist are big $$ items, which quite likely will never happen. Stuff like the 'hybrid' VE/G8 bumper I've actually put on hold and I will sell the red VE bumper & parts to someone who wants to perhaps restore it (it's a damaged take-off since I figured I was going to cut it up anyway). (Offers welcome! ). The 'other' part I'm getting more into now is actual Radio Reprogramming etc (or 'hacking' as some people call it, but to me that just sounds too juvenile...) so that's fun to play around with.

My car has not seen many miles lately since getting a different job that's closer to home, mostly citing driving with a whoppin' 8-9 MPG on average, so I'm only around 48k miles, which in my opinion is not that bad for a 5 year old car. I can't remember how many miles of that has been on the rebuild though but probably less than half of that.

Really what I'm looking forward to most is just having my engine fixed once and for all, and just taking better care of my car. There may be an IQ-Radio upgrade in the near future as well but we'll see about that.