Monday, September 30, 2013

Dropped off car for Lifter Tick Repair

Small Update on my car - Ever since Ellis from Speed Secrets looked at my car last January we figured we had some lifter tick.. not super bad, but still annoying.. Over time I collected the parts needed to fix this problem and I finally got to drop my car off so Ellis could work on it.

The plan so far is to go with the following parts for a full 'valve-train refresh':

  • Lunati 72332-16 Lifters
  • Head Gaskets
  • New Patrick G / EPS CamShaft
  • New Pushrods 
  • Melling Oil Pump 10296 
  • Dual Valve Spring Kit from Livernois Motorsports

Since Ellis is a busy guy and I'm in no real rush ( just want it done right) I figure this will take a couple of weeks for him to dig in there and inspect everything.

Also I'm hoping he can install the GXP Transcooler I've had for ages, and put in my new Pedders Springs since the old ones have seen better days..