Thursday, October 31, 2013

IQ Radio Custom Startup Animation

So after my previous posts where I can now do Custom boot logos on the Pontiac G8 / Holden VE Radio and made some programmers for a few select friends so they can do the same, it was time to move back to the bigger & better IQ Radio. While I had the basics down of the 'wallpaper', the boot anim was still not supported.

I had some downtime and with some friendly prodding from some Australian people (hey Jezzab ! ;) ) I figured I better get off my ass and do something about it. I won't go into technical details, but basically I had been able to extract the boot logo animation frames, but I not been able to successfully inject a new animation back in. After a few test runs where Jezzab was gracious enough to try reflashing his IQ unit in his car and ending up with a non-functioning radio, I finally reversed the missing piece of information and was able to deliver not only a proof of concept, but actually finished a nice clean software tool to do the job for me (well.. for whoever would be selling these things)..

Here's the POC logo anim I made for Jezzab's Business.. Nothing fancy, but it shows it works!
Now I just need to get working on full-blown theming and you'll be able to have a completely custom UI in your IQ Radio!