Saturday, February 15, 2014

Texas Speed 418 LS3 @ 44K Miles

Well I finally got my car back... Yes I know.. I'll give you a few minutes to let that sink in.. it's only been what? 4 months? If I were to add up all the times I've been without my car I'm pretty sure it's starting to get up to the 12 month mark over the life of the car.. no wonder I'm only at 44k miles in 6 years!

Now first off - a BIG Texas-Sized THANK YOU! to Beau Novak & Trevor from Texas-Speed. Without them my car would most likely be a rusty piece of landfill at this point, or at least someone else's project. I can not recommend these guys enough! If you want (or like in my case: need) a new engine give these guys a call! They will help you and get you the best possible setup for your car for always a fair price!!

So to recap what happened:
Way back in 2010 I modified my engine with a VMS cam kit and Livernois 403 stroker kit. Then within 3 months I spun my cam bearings because the machineshop did not install the oilpump/pickup tube correctly. Ellis Groo from Speed Secrets came through and was able to fix the cam-bearings by going oversize etc. We also put a new camshaft in. We did notice already though that my engine always sounded way louder than any other G8 with 'similar' work (piston slap type noises).
Over time these noises got so bad we decided to pull it apart again in September 2013 figuring it must be some REALLY bad lifter tick or so. Turned out that the original machine shop bored my cylinders out of round (and over), so over time my pistons were rockin' and rollin' in all the wrong ways. Thanks again Bud....way to f*ck over your customers..
So in short the lesson learned is: Don't bother boring/stroking your existing engine - just get a short block and be done with it.

So as of the last post I was 'this' close to ditching the car because of the continual headaches. Of course trying to sell a car without an engine brought out all the vultures and there was no way I could even sell it close to something reasonable. After a lot of research, calling & emailing though Texas-Speed cam through for me because they had a new 418 LS3 IN STOCK! I was basically assuming I would end up with either another 402, possibly iron block, or maybe a Livernois Mini-Stroker. Pricing wise though, the deal Texas-Speed offered it just made sense to go with theirs and get that 418 LS3!  

The specs are basically:

25-TSP418SB-LS3 - Texas Speed & Performance
Custom Built Forged LS3 418 CID
4.08" -10cc wiseco pistons

LS3 Block, Lunati Crank & Rods, TSP Exclusive -10cc pistons by Wiseco,

Yes it still has the slightly dished pistons (not as much as my original build though) in case I (or whoever will own this car after me) wants to put on a supercharger etc. It runs great N/A though.

So - After ordering and obsessively checking the tracking# for days it finally got delivered to Ellis's shop at the end of 2013. Then the real waiting game began - Ellis had other customers to deal with so he was quite busy. Also I wanted him to personally work on it and not some random shop guy (no offense!)  so he only had so much time. While super frustrating I figured it would be worth the wait - I just kept pestering him week after week with a 'so...... what's happening....' which I'm sure drove him nuts ;)  We still had the new camshaft (234/242) so we figured we'd just use that one - though in hindsight I really could do with a smaller one.. But at least this way I didn't need to spend another few hundred on a new cam.

While they were at it, Ellis also installed the GXP Trans Cooler I had been sitting on for years. (no real pictures to show of the install or anything.. fits snuggly behind the passenger side kidney grill)

So Fast forward to February and I have my car back - it's up and running and it's great! Don't really have much more to say about it - but Ellis did take a bunch of pictures for me which I greatly appreciate. (they're in no particular order.. blogger somehow messed up the sorting)

Love the small detail 'Texas-Speed' engraving!

Love the small detail 'Texas-Speed' engraving!

In the end - again BIG HUGE thank you's to Texas-Speed and off course Ellis @ Speed Secrets!